MSP/DRILEX offers a wide range of BOP’s for the Oil & Gas Industry. MSP/DRILEX is independently licensed under API 6A-0849, API 16A-0203, and has a fully implemented API Q1 quality system. The API 16A license not only applies to drill-thru equipment, but also Ram, annular type BOP’s and other equipment’s. MSP/DRILEX is certified to ISO 9001. MSP/DRILEX has a definite advantage in the supply of complete drilling systems for surface applications. From the BOP to the control system, the manifold to the wellhead, MSP/DRILEX offers a variety of systems to meet different requirements.


U single or double Ram BOP is one of the most popular Ram BOP in oil industry. There are lots of advantages, such as simple structure, economic, fast and safe switch, easy to operate, widely accepted with popular by customers and including both hydraulic and manual system.

U Ram BOP applies to wellhead pressure controlling during well drilling, well maintenance, oil test, and so on. Moreover, it can prevent blowing out efficiently.

Annular BOP

MSP/DRILEX offers a complete range of annular BOPs with bore sizes from 7 1/16″ to 21 1/4″ and working pressures up to 15,000 psi. The annular BOP utilizes special packing element. Its simple, compact design makes it work reliably and steadily. The packing element provides a long stripping life.

It is designed especially for surface installations and it is also used on offshore platforms. It is compact, annular type BOPs which seal reliably on almost any sharp or size kellys, drilling pipes, tool joins, drilling collars, casing or wire line. It provides positive pressure control for stripping drilling pipe into and out of the hole.

Rotating BOP

MSP/DRILEX offers Rotating BOP as key underbalanced drilling equipment. It applies active rotating air-tight design to solve the problems in underbalanced drilling and operations with pressure.

Rotating BOP is formed by adding rotating packing element on normal Annular BOP while employing high pressure rotating air-tight technology to protect and seal hydraulic system and bearing. To ensure air-tight performance, the auto compensation function was added to packing element since frequent contact with drilling pipe joint causes serious abrasion on packing element.

The Rotating BOP is designed according to relative API standard therefore all the technical target and service performance are competitive among sister products in the industry. The Rotating BOP is one of the best choice for underbalanced drilling operation while its outstanding function and extra safety have been proved by wide applying on job site for many years.

Rotating Control Head

MSP/DRILEX offers a complete range of underbalanced drilling equipment, not only offers rotating BOP, but also rotating control heads. The products primarily include BW series and BG series. They are designed to handle today’s most demanding underbalanced drilling requirements.

Drilling Spool

Drilling spool is suitable for drilling high-pressure oil wells. When spool side outlets are connected with matched valves and pipelines, it can carry on relieving operations, and link the preventer and wellhead at the same time.

Special Features:

  • Adapted high quality alloys and processed with heat treatments
  • Designed and manufactured per API 16A specification
  • All MSP/DRILEX drilling spools are manufactured to comply with specification MR-01-75 for H2S services
  • Top & bottom connections and side outlets per customer requirements. Available with flanged, studded and clamp connects
  • All surfaces of ring grooves of the drilling spools are lined with stainless steel by means of bead welding, to keep them from corroding for a long time