Choke Manifold

Choke Manifolds are used for drilling, facturing, surface mud circulating, and production lines, especially for inclement servies, for instance, for the medium as mud or gas, high capacity or pressure.

The manifolds will play an important role in safety production. Features of Manifolds Reliablity Satisfying API and ANSI related specifications. No elastomer seals used in valves. Utilization of Hole-disc Choke Valves for high capacity and shut down at emergency. Sufficient Thru-bore.

MSP/DRILEX manifolds satisfing API and ANSI Specifications, incorporating valves with metal-to-metal seals and long life chock valves that can function well in emergency. In addition, MSP/DRILEX offer large size manifolds over 4-1/16″ to satisfy high capacity and inclement services. The pressure of MSP/DRILEX manifolds rangs up to 25000psi. MSP/DRILEX can offer various manifold configurations as per individual request.