Wellhead Equipment

MSP DRILEX, Inc. provides conventional wellhead and X-mas Trees that meet API 6A, and features, flexibility, compatibility, and interchangeability bringing down the cost and inventory for our customers. MSP DRILEX, Inc. provides conventional wellhead and X-mas Trees for high pressure and high corrosive service. On request, total metal to metal seals without any elastomers are available for severe applications.

CQS Conventional Wellhead System

MSP/Drilex CQS conventional wellhead systems feature flexibility, compatibility and interchangability that bring down the inventory level and cost for it’s users.

CQS wellhead system includes CQS casing head, CQS casing spool, TD tubing spool and conventional Christmas tree. CQS wellhead system has a special designed all conduit metal-to- metal seal system for the high pressure part of a wellhead system, which provides reliable, durable, corrosion resistant seals.

Key Features:

  • Working pressure: up to 20,000 psi;
  • Range of temperature: API standards;
  • Trims: AA, BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,HH;
  • Hang-off capacity: up to 80% of pipe body yield;
  • Casing head: API 6A standard;
  • Casing spool: API 6A standard;
  • Casing hanger: MSP/DRILEX CQ-G3, CQ-G5, CQ-G6, CQ-GS, CQ-GM;
  • Tubing spool: MSP/DRILEX TD tubing spool;
  • Tubing hanger: MSP/DRILEX TD-E, TD-EM, TD-MS tubing hanger

CQ-G3 Casing Hanger

CQ-G3 casing hanger is a wrap-around slip assembly with hang-off capacity rated at 80% of pipe body yield, and the cap screws available for enhancing seal efficiency. A rated hang-off capacity is enough to create perfect seal.

CQ-G5 Casing Hanger

CQ-G5 casing hanger is a wrap-around slip assembly for pressures 15,000 PSI, with hang-off capacity rated at 80% of pipe body yield and a load of 15,000 lb. required for CQ-G5 to create seal. The seal can be enhanced by using screws. A rated hang-off capacity is enough to create perfect seal.

CQ-G6 Casing Hanger

CQ-G6 casing hanger is a wrap-around slip assembly for pressures 5,000 PSI, with hang-off capacity rated at 70% of pipe body yield and a load of 15,000 lb. required for CQ-G5 to create seal. The seal can be enhanced by using screws. A rated hang-off capacity is enough to create perfect seal.

CQ-GS Casing Hanger

CQ-GS Casing hanger is a gravity Self-Seal casing Hanger, which is relay on its gravity to set seal.

CQ-GM Casing Hanger

CQ-GM Mandrel Casing Hanger is used in Solid Block Tree, it greatly reduces the height of the Christmas tree, offers convenience to fieldwork.

CQS-W Casing Head

Standard O-ring is available with CQS-W Bottom Connections suitable for 10-3/4″ or smaller casing preparations requiring no welding. For larger than 10-3/4″, an external welding will be required. In addition, this connection contains a 1/2″ line test port to vaildate the integrity of the welding and O-ring seals.

CQS-BT Casing Head

CQS-BT Casing Box Thread is offered for the applications inwhich threaded connections are specified for casing heads.(Casing Housing Box X Casing Pin Thread). In this case, the casing outer diameter shall be standardized where possible to accept CQS heads

CQS-SL Casing Head

CQS-SL Bottom Connection is a simple slip assembly requiring less installation time and thanks to no welding and utilizing ES seal. CQS-SL can work at 10,000psi and be repeated for more than one well.

Single or Double ES Seal

ES seals are for 10,000 psi and below working pressure under moderately corrosive and inclement environment, consisting of one or two large elastomer seals with separate anti-extrusion back-up ring. Both single and double ES seals are sized to accommodate the tolerance of casing and can be used on machined hanger necks.

ES Casing Seal

ES casing seals fit variations in different type of casing program. It utilized an ES seal and an extrusion preventing back-up ring for working under pressure up to 10,000 psi. Options of one whole piece or split back-up ring are available for field operation.

EM Seal

EM seals consist of both elastomer and metal-to-metal seals, which benefit a short and temporary seal application when installed without the metal-to-metal seal rings in place. While the final long term seal application required, the metal-to -metal seal rings can be put back, providing flexibility for field operation and helping to lower operation cost.

Integrated Compact Wellhead and Horizontal Tree

It is widely used in the world and develop with fast pace, which repace the old wellhead as well as old oil-extraction wellhead. It is easy to be accepted because it can not only meet the old wellhead performance and function but also equipped with some important advantages and feature.

Advantages and Features:

Lower Height

Eese of Operation and Maintenance-Thanks to lower height, no scaffolding operations are required. This will ease site production, management, operation and maintenance activities.

Ease of Site Installation – Site installations are conducted on ground to improve work efficiency.

Ease of Leakage Detection-Usually leakage arises from the valves and connections along production lines. For old wellheads of large overall sizes, leakages arising from upper production lines are difficult to detect. But for compact wellheads, any leakages are at sight of operators and easy to detect.

Efficiency Improved

Less Shut-down, High Efficiency-Conveniences for site preparations, production, daily management, operations work-over and maintenances will improve efficiency, minimize shut-down, cut down loss and improve incomings.

Ease of Work-over

With production lines below top flange, work-over operations can be conducted without removal of production lines


MTM Seal

MTM seal is a metal-to-metal crossover seal purposed for inclement services and high-corrosion environments, with working pressure up to 20,000 psi. Gas-tight requirement is satisfied by its reliability and durability.

Solid Block Tree

Considering site space, MSP/DRILEX provides Solid Block Christmas Trees with working pressure up to 20,000psi. Compared to conventional Christmas tree, Solid Block Tree has a single solid-forged body with lower and upper master valve, wing valve and swab valve. Its advantage lies in a compact body requiring smaller space, improving fire-resistant performance and educing potential leak channels.

MSP-DRILEX MD gate valve can be incorporated into Solid Block Christmas Tree with working pressure up to 20,000psi. Similar to conventional Christmas Tree, Solid Block Christmas Tree can also accommodate single or dual tubing strings.

TD-C Tubing Spool

MSP/DRILEX offers TD-C Tubing Spool as standard spool for single completion with flange end dimensions satisfying API 6A standards.

Feature of Bowl: a single 45°shoulder is employed in a straight bore for supporting the tubing load and avoiding bowl damage caused by drill stem rotation. Hoop load is minimized on the spool while high hanging capacity maintained.

For single completions, TD-C tubing spool is compatible with TD-EM, TD-MS, TD-E tubing hangers. Line pipe threaded and studded outlets are available and the studded outlets can be threaded for valve removal at field.

Lock-down screws feature a packing element installed in front of threads, which will guard threads from contamination caused by erosive well fluids and eliminate solids accumulation behind screw.

Single and double ES, EM and MTM secondary seals are available. Metal-to-Metal seals are used for all test ports and venting’s.

Check valves are buried in injection ports.

TD-E Tubing Hanger

TD-E Tubing Hanger, utilizing elastomer seals, withstands impact of high pressure 10,000 psi and moderately corrosive services. It can ensure the seal within the life cycle of elastomer. It can incorporate a control line exit block, needle valve type or a bull plug for standby.

TD-MS Tubing Hanger

TD-MS Tubing Hanger, featuring two total metal-to metal seals respectively for hanger neck and bottom, can resist high corrosive well fluids and pressure up to 20,000 psi regardless of thermal or pressure cycling. An exit block for control lines of safety valve and chemical injections is available on request, or a plug for standby.

TD-EM Tubing Hanger

TD-EM Tubing Hanger, featuring elastomer and metal-to-metal seals both for neck and lower part, can resist corrosive well fluids and high pressure up to 20,000 psi to extend service life.

TD-EM tubing hanger offers reliability and convenience to site operations.

TD-EM tubing hanger can incorporate a control line exit block either in bull plug or block needle valve type for the control lines to downhole.

TD-MS and TD-EM hangers are recommended for purpose of long-term and fixed production location, while tubing hangers only with elastomer seals usually used for short-term or trial production.

TD-EM tubing hanger, for ease of short-term operation, can be used only with elastomer seals. However it will benefit field operation for both short-term operations and long productions.