MSP Drilex, Inc. pre-job & running procedures assure the best results in the field. Our experienced and trained technicians understand the local basins and operating conditions so they can safely and efficiently install MSP Drilex, Inc. equipment, saving rig time while protecting field personnel, environment and property. Their expertise assures proper installation, operation and maintenance throughout the drilling, fracturing, completion, production and workover phases of a well.

Equipment Services

  • Complete Wellhead Service (Drilling, Production, Workover)
  • FRAC Rental Service & Repair
  • BOP Service & Repair
  • Valve Service & Repair
  • Pressure Testing & torque
  • Maintenance

FRAC Rental Services

  • Portable greasing units
  • Hydraulic closing units
  • Pressure Test Unit w/Chart Recorder
  • Automated hydraulic torque system
  • Hydraulic Lubricator
  • Work Platform
  • Crane Truck